by Gela


I just want to write down these exact feelings I feel at the moment. Just so I can look back and remember every emotion going through myself.

You came to me so unexpected so surreal. Like a dream that was never meant to come true. You took my breath away by surprise, and I mean it. It was without caution and without warning.

I knew it was so fragile and so temporary. How can it be true?

When I first saw you it didn’t mean anything. You were over there and I was over here.

We were from two different worlds existing in two different realms. But we coexisted. Through the loud music and the bustling of people, it was just you and it was just me.

As if the light turned off on everything else but except the fire that gleamed from your soul and mine. They called each other. They recognized each other.

The spotlight was just on you and me

We didn’t know what was going on except that we kept getting closer and closer.

And we got close. We stood there side by side, looking away from each other but from that moment our red yarn of fate had been untangled.

Finally our burnt out fire sparked a flame and we burned. Together we fired.

The feelings were so real and the love was so apparent.

We knew our time was short. It was so limited from the start. But you couldn’t help it. Neither could I.

Even if it lasted two days, no, even if it was just for two hours we still couldn’t have helped it.

Because it wasn’t your decision or mine. It was ours. Our connection fought the gravity of reality and the existence of time.

You and I knew it was time for us to go.

But I just want you to know. The feelings were so real.

You made my stagnant heart race and blood rushed through my body.

My cheeks flushed and my heart reddened.

I know you feel the same way. I just do. You were always mine and I was always yours.

We found each other in a random day in June. You rescued me in a dry place with your sweet dreams.

You were my dream. A midnight Summer’s dream.

I will remember you for a long long time. Our innocence made our fire that much more bright.

We know it’s not a one time thing but we know it’s not forever and infinity.

The perfect moment doesn’t exist with the promise of continuity, it just happens and it remains.

Time might have gone and the world continues to move on but you and I know that we still exist there in that time when we coexisted together.

And then you left. As if you never existed in my part of the world. And just like that you vanished up in the air.

Only the fragments of my blurred memories are left behind.

But you really did change one thing for me.

I started to feel again. Happy, sad, love, and heartbreak.

I was like a broken doll for a long time and you breath me life.

I feel again. Sad songs make me cry again. Happy moments make me laugh again.

You gave me life when I needed it the most.

So what if it was a dream or it wasn’t. The fact that remains is that a part of you is still with me over here and a part of me left with you over there.

How is your world now? Have I changed anything for you?

Will you remember me? Please.

Think of me whenever the weather is warm and the stars shine brighter. I will be there with you across the universe.

Just look up at the night sky and I will be there.

We will meet again. I can feel it so strong. It might take now or forever but whatever makes up our souls, the bond is attracted so much stronger than whatever is beyond us.

Until then… it’s not goodbye. It’s see you soon.